Customer Relations

At Spice Travel Ltd, we understand our clients’ satisfaction is enhanced by adequate knowledge on the part of the client and our commitment to ensure that the client is satisfied.

customer relations

We are therefore keen on keeping our promises to our clients by working within their Travel Budget and Travel Policy.

We adhere to the Service Level Agreement between us and the client in ensuring that the laid down Standard Operational Procedures are followed. This is achieved by:

  • Being up-to-date with the latest Global technology available within the air travel and related industry.
  • Maximising on E-Commerce options available within the region.
  • Efficient Account Management.
  • Circulation of news bulletins and news flashes to keep customers updated on special offers.
  • Creating easy-to-read Flight Options.
  • Trip Follow-ups on email.
  • Personal Relation Visits.
  • If needed we can arrange a training / orientation for the Travel Arranger.
  • Signing Service Level Agreements (SLA’s) and installing systems to monitor SLA performance on a quarterly basis.
  • All complaints are taken up with the respective airline or hotel group and a solution acceptable to our Customer sought.
  • Attention to detail and personalized service.
  • Presentation on airline products to travellers and arrangers.

Customer Complaints

Upon receiving a complaint, an immediate investigation will be done with the department or staff involved in clear understanding. Thereafter, a report will be generated and shared with the client for perusal and further advising.

Customer Survey

We encourage feedback from all areas as we strongly believe in the quality of the service given for a longer and strong mutual relationship.

Customer Contract

We make it clear to the client on the applicable travel services and transaction charges (“Booking Fee”) and Booking Terms and Conditions as agreed. We undertake not to make any verbal or written assurances to a customer which are additional to or contradict the terms, including without limitation by promising that any special requests will be met.

Customer Incentives

These customer incentives includes loyalty points, frequent flyer miles, airline and hotel discounted deals. Spice Travel Ltd will ensure that these incentives benefits its’ clients and will not take advantage of these incentives for own use and enjoyment.

Customer Care

Spice Travel Ltd provides first line customer support in relation to transactions and facilitates the provision of information available in relation to any particular transaction to customers. In addition, we facilitate the provision of customer care and support to the customer in relation to booking amendments or cancellations or any other customer support function.

Customer Fraud

Spice Travel Ltd has taken extra precautions with client’s credit cards and we are responsible for the fraudulent use or any other misuse of credit cards if our system fails or wrongly debits the card.

Credit Terms

As an IATA Travel Agent, we are required to follow rules and regulations under which we are licensed by IATA. Tickets issued in a given month have to be paid strictly in 2weeks e.g All tickets done from 01st till 15th need to be paid by the end of the month and all tickets issued from 16th till 30/31st need to be paid by 15th of the following month.

Credit facilities can only be given until the 10th of the following month in order to enable us to meet the stringent deadlines of IATA/BSP.

Below are our terms of payment:-

  • All tickets will be immediately invoiced as soon as the tickets are issued.
  • Payment to be received by the 10th of every month for all tickets issued in the previous month.
  • All tickets issued must have a written travel authorization or an email giving authority to issue the tickets.
  • All Electronic unutilized tickets will be refunded immediately. PTAs will only be refunded after we receive credits from the airlines concerned.
  • All tickets issued and canceled in writing within the same day will not attract any cancellation charges.
  • Any queries and/or disputes arising from cancellation fees or other discrepancies may not be the reason to hold back the rest of payments when due.
credit terms